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Cheap VPS Server Hosting

At present time, high demand of cheap VPS Server hosting services that’s why huge competition between server hosting service providers. It is happening because a major increase in the number of businesses and websites require an online presence. Thus, it has become very hard for a businessman to choose the right web hosting service providers. There are many varieties of hosting solutions available in the web hosting industry. Onlive Server is one of them, who provide reliable server hosting plans for business websites as per traffic volume and nature of the business. VPS Hosting Cheapest and Cloud Server Hosting are the two most common hosting platform, which is highly demanded in hosting industry. Every Online business cannot dream to work without the use of the computer and Internet, that contain all the necessary data and information, that’s why VPS Hosting Cheapest has become quite popular. It is affordable in price and anyone can afford.

VPS Server Hosting becomes the cheapest platform with ease of doing business, especially medium or complex websites. With VPS, you can increase moving their online tasks. It is based on KVM Virtualization that is support both Linux and windows. It comes with superior SSD storage, software pre-load, DDoS shield, and higher network availability. VPS Server helps to complete your business target and complete your business goal. It helps to expand your business ahead.

Cheapest VPS Hosting Solution for Business

Our Cheap VPS Server plans available with the high configuration that provides unlimited bandwidth and full root access which means you can run any software on it. VPS can suit to any Windows or Linux based platform. Onlive Server has own VPS plans that are pre-defined in an official page and a user can also build their own plans as per business requirements and an added security. It is highly considered options for business websites with busy traffic and unlimited bandwidth. It is reliable and they offer great speed. Furthermore, our VPS comes with budget constraints and it has an ability to perform all important tasks. Here Some important points behind considering Cheapest VPS Server Hosting for websites are as follows:

  • Fully Isolated Environment
  • Enhanced dependability and stability
  • Optimum resource utilization and environment-friendly
  • Complete control over the server
  • Cloud backup hosting solution
  • It comes with Robust cPanel and CMS
  • Customers can avail 24×7 hour Technical Support


Improved Performance – Our VPS Server can easily load heavy workloads without delays. Even, the high traffic on the VPS server would not effect on the performance.

Great Security – We ensure to deliver higher security with each server plans. It helps to protect from risks of hacking, spamming and other harmful virus attacks. We offer maximum protection by providing high monitoring tools along with a firewall.

Ultra-Reliable Servers – Our VPS server backed by our 99.99% Uptime Commitment.

Onlive Server – Cheapest VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Server committed to offering reliable VPS Server Hosting plans for multi-location globally. We have own data-centers near your location. We care about redundancy, We care about Flexibility, We care about Availability and we care about secure payment method. We ensure to provide 24/7/365 technical support team, that is a help to Managed Server queries.

VPS Server Hosting with high Performance and Enjoy Flexibility like Never before

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